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Changing the VC game — forever.

Early-stage VC investment for everyone

APE WEALTH is the first democratized venture capital framework backed and created by an established VC firm being integrated into the wider Crypto Valley ecosystem. 

Copy-trader principle: Follow VC leadership 

Creating the ultimate edge for democratized VC by providing access to the Crypto Valley ecosystem, its early-stage venture deals, VC dealflow partners, ecosystem partners and community.

AI co-pilot, augmenting crowd intelligence

Leveraging cutting edge technology to support the decentralized governance process using the APE WEALTH AI co-pilot to craft the ultimate investment experience augmenting the human capital’s crowd intelligence.


Democratized VC Framework

  • Modelling an accessible framework that leverages VC expertise to determine strategies, investment theses and processes 

  • All-in-one access point for retail participation in the full VC investment lifecycle

  • Multi-chain accessibility using Layer Zero omnichain technology

Human Protocol

  • Community as human protocol actively contribute to the DAO governance 

  • Active participation by VC leadership / dealflow board, providing VC vetted dealflow

  • Utilizing Swarm intelligence to propose and vote on high potential Web3 investment opportunities

VC Dealflow Board

  • The Dealflow board consists of members of venture capital professionals who provide an anchor for due diligence, vetting and investment in the best projects

  • Infrastructure partners (L1/L2) provide early access dealflow from within their grant network

Quest-to-Fund Model 

It’s all about the apes. One for all and all for one. Working together unlocks free pieces of the APE WEALTH pie.



  • Free allocation for users on a work-to-earn model

  • Handpicked deals selected by the dealflow board

  • Future promotional funds cross funded by circular tokenomics model


VC managed PoC

  • PoC for democratized VC and perpetual VC-stack created for scalability

  • VC vetted and alpha dealflow submitted for voting

  • Initial set-up of strategy and theses across Web3 verticals


Community approved

  • VC-stack used by human capital leveraging dealflow board alpha contributions

  • Proposal and voting system  

  • Incentive system for participation

  • Plugged into the circular tokenomics

Our Network

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